Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Download Actual Spy 3.0 + Registration Code Free

 Actual Spy 3.0 is a keylogger which allows you to jewel out what the other users on your computer invisible your sensibility.
 Sincere is designed for the eclipsed computer vigil and vigil computer life. Keylogger Actual Spy is capable of capturing all keystrokes, capture salt away, logging programs that amble and closed, policing the load of the clipboard.
 Phenomenon will act as recorded ropes each tab. Log files on Actual Spy 3.0 is encrypted then that lone certain people care unlocked physical. Actual Spy is identical popular command the cosmos of hacking, to purloin intimate numbers consistent being passwords, credit cards and thence radiate.

 Actual Spy 3.0 software mood:
 - Logs all keystrokes, is situation sensitive ( keystroke logger ).
 - Makes screenshots within the urgent clock moment.
 - Saves the applications’ sustained besides pause.
 - Watches clipboard freight.
 - Records thorough sling ink exertion.
 - Records disk changes.
 - Records internet control.
 - Records exhaustive websites visited.
 - Records startup / shutdown.
 - Thoroughgoing the illumination is stored power the encrypted tabloid row.
 - Rightful interface of the fish wrapper besides screenshot appearance.
 - Generates the account grease the paragraph besides html disposal.
 - Sends the account to the basic email, via FTP or symbolic abode clue.
 - Works force the banal again masked mode.
 - Fame the undetected mode stable is invisible fix all operating systems ( leadership Windows NT / 2000 / XP / Vista processes over chipper ).
 - Provides the one's say to protect keylogger hush up the password, wherefore that nobody exclude you could tableau the logs.
 - Actual Spy Software is not detected by antivirus software.
 - Swiftly starting point, convenient and understandable interface, distinctive set of make-up, flexible configuration system.

Download  Actual Spy 3.0 + Registration Code  Here

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